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School Closed Thursday 15th Nov Due to Snow

Check for closures wfsb nbc

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Gup Test November 3 2018

Great job today by Cornerstone students at the gup test; finished well with some excellent breaks.



CSK Picnic to be held at the School. August 11th 2018

Due to the weather, the picnic will not be held at the school. Sword class starts at 9:00 am. Regular picnic class starts at 10:00 am. See you there

Greetings from Cornerstone Students

New Promotions at Cornerstone



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Closed for Snow Thursday Jan 4th 2018

We are Closed Thursday Jan 4th. Stay warm.

Check closure postings wfsb nbc

When in doubt follow the student creed.

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Congratulations Charlie

Can you do it Blindfolded?

Thursday September 28th The Twelve Tennents

Thursday 28th of September was brought to you by the Twelve Tenets of Tang Soo Do. To find out more, check out your Mi Guk Kwan manual, of look here.

Also if you are in the dojang you can view the picture provided by the cornerstone students.


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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all our students and their families.

19th Summer Camp Hosted by Whak Willimantic Aug 18-20

It's that time of year again. Get ready to train and camp at Acorn Acres. For Dan Members class starts 6:00 PM Friday Aug 18th. Saturday arrival and sign in starts at 8:00 am. All ranks are welcome Saturday and Sunday.

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Rain Delay to 1:00 PM - Picnic Aug 5th 2017

It's thunder and lightning. "and I will avoid anything that would limit or reduce my mental growth or physical health" the picnic and class has been delayed to 1:00 PM. For more weather information check here.


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This Week Mon- Thu Switch

This week Monday Jul 31st is Master Helen and Thursday August 3rd is Master Lear. Check out the Calendar for all classes and any changes.

Annual Picnic Saturday August 5th 2017

It's that time of year again, we are getting together for Swords, Sun and lotS of  Tang Soo Do training. Sign up if you have not done so already. Mark the day on your calendar. And don't forget......Bring logs of sun screen it is outdoors.

Great Job at the testing Thursday

We had an unusual event at Cornerstone School of Karate this Thursday. It was Gup Testing. well I never, gup testing on a Thursday. The students did a great job with Jasmine and Ariana stealing the show. Well done to all.

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Testing Thursday evening July 20th

There are no child or adult classes this Thursday because of gup testing. Good luck to all the testing students.

Nationals 2017 - San Antonio

Good luck to all the competitors, judges and supporters at Nationals 2017 check it out here. Safe trip to all who are travelling. Tang Soo!!!

Tang Soo !!!

School Closed Tuesday Jan 31st 2017 because of Snow

School Closed Jan 31st 2017 because of Snow. 

Saturday Morning Kicks

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