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Kyo Sa Nim Robert Aiksnoras

Robert Aiksnoras began his training in Tang Soo Do in 2014 at the age of 63.   Being an extremely active person and an avid runner he was looking for something to round out  good physical conditioning and provide a full body, mind and soul training regimen.   After viewing his granddaughters performing in Kempo he began attending the Cornerstone School of Karate.  A successful Electrical Engineer (ret), and Aviation Mechanic, Tang Soo Do has proven its value in accomplishing the goals of fulfilling a comprehensive training program.  He has competed in local, state, national and international competitions and has won several first and other podium positions in the areas of forms, sparring and weapons. Kyo Sa Nim Aiksnoras is now a Sahm Dan as well as a certified Instructor (Kyo Sa) and continues as an assistant instructor at Cornerstone.  

Kys Sa Nim after Class