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Master Bill Lear

Master Bill Lear began his training in Tang Soo Do at age 16 in Bedford, 
PA. In 1986 he trained in Tae Kwon Do at ESCU & UCONN. In 1987 he 
began training with the West Haven Academy of Karate, becoming a full 
time Martial Arts Instructor in 1988.He earned the rank of Master (Sa 
Bom Nim) in 1996.Master Lear has also trained in Ju Jitsu & Traditional 
and Competitive Judo. Over 13 Grand Championship Fighting & Forms 
trophies in Regional & National Competitions. 
1994 - 1996 1st place National Champion in Forms and Fighting
1994 Grand Champion in Forms in National Championship
1999 New England Fighting Team Coach, 1st place.
1997-1998 New England National Fighting Team Assistant Coach, 1st 
1995 New England Fighting Team Captain 1st place. 
1996-1999 Ko Dan Ja National Champion Forms and Fighting 
1989 Member of the US Demonstration Team in Seoul, Korea.
1989-1994 New England Fighting Team Member, 1st-3rd. 
1989-1990 New England National Form Team 3rd place. 
2005 International Kodanja Grand Champion.

Master Lear is a member of the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Technical Advisory Committee - TAC and an 8th Dan