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The Ten Articles of Faith

1.  Be loyal to your country; sacrifice yourself for your duty to your country and your people.
2.  Be obedient to your parents; children should be dutiful to their parents and parents should be charitable to their children
3.  Be loving between husband and wife; love and affection between the sexes develop mankind's happiness and harmony in life.
4.  Be cooperative between brothers; hold together with cooperation and concord.
5.  Be respective to your elders protect the rights of the weak with courtesy and modesty.
6.  Be faithful between teacher and student.  Learn the truth through practice of duty and affection.
7.  Be faithful between friends.  Be peaceful and happy with harmony and faith towards each other, regardless of race, and towards all mankind.
8.  Be discreet in killing,; be able to distinguish between good and bad with fairness and rightfulness
9.  Never retreat in battle; sacrifice for justice with capability and bravery.
10. Always finish what you start.  Move to action with sureness and with hope.